SATURDAY, 9.11.2024
Nova Gorica, Slovenia

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Unforgettable GO4TRAIL 2023!

An extraordinary event... now behind us, more than 470 runners have signed up for this year's very challenging trail race through the surrounding hills of Gorizia/Nova Gorica. On the day of the race, almost like in a fairy tale, the sun shone on our valley, nestled between the Alps and the Adriatic sea. We ran the paths along the most beautiful emerald river, through a landscape rich in history and full of natural beauty and colours that only autumn offers here. We ran along the ridges overlooking the wide sea, we were accompanied by living history with the representation of the life of the soldiers of the Great War, together with the representatives of the Italian "Alpini". The rocky paths are full of emotions that remain deeply imprinted in the heart of every competitor. On D-day, 78 runners took part in the longer 64km GO ULTRA course at 7.30am, 193 runners in the 28km GO 3V trial at 9.30am and 168 runners in the shorter 10km GO TRIM at 10:30. Favourable weather conditions ensured flawless execution of the route without serious injuries and an extremely pleasant atmosphere in the destination arena of the Solkan Kayak Centre. All runners returned on schedule. The race officially ended just after 9.30pm with the last Ultra competitor!

In the women's category the young athlete Maruša Cijan Brkič wins the 10 km overall with the result of 1:04:27, while in the men's category Tadej Vehovec wins with 0:55:10. In the women's central version Ana Čufer won with a time of 3:00:52, while in the men's race Tine Žižmond won, who won the rather demanding race in less than three hours, exactly 2:47:51. On this year's new Royal Ultra with a length of 64 km, Niko Golob celebrates with an incredible time of 7:18:26 and in the women's category Anna Kratki with just over an hour behind Niko, with a time of 8: 41 :43! Congratulations to the winners and others who participated in this year's GO4Trail!

For the creation of GO4Trail we would like to thank the sponsors who believe in the team and in the GO4Trail project. Long-term support allows GO4Trail to become a mainstream race that attracts the attention of runners beyond the borders of Slovenia.

And last but not least, a big thank you to everyone who helped make the event such a success! Without the volunteers and employees of the Public Sports Institute and other associations, the runners wouldn't feel so special!

Mark your calendar today for 9/11/2024 and I'll see you next year!

The GO4Trail team

We invite you to view the final rankings of all participants & photos of race!


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