SATURDAY, 11.11.2023
Nova Gorica, Slovenia

Run with us!?

Hello 3 Peaks Runners!

An extraordinary event is behind us, more than 350 runners took part in the GO4Trail run, a good half of them on the longer 28-kilometer course and a little less than 170 participants on the shorter 10-kilometer course over the Škabrijel hill. Favorable weather conditions ensured a flawless performance of the trail without any injuries and an extremely good atmosphere in the destination arena of the Solkan Kayak Center. All runners returned in the expected timing. In the women's category, Lucija Krkoč absolutely wins on the 10km route, while in the men's category, Dragoš Jaka absolutely wins. In the longer version, Kozinc Aja celebrated among the women with a time of 3:33:02, and Peček Urh among the men, who won the required length in a scant three hours (time 3:00:53). We invite you to view the final rankings of all participants!

Special thanks to all the runners for taking part in this unique trail in such large numbers for the unique atmosphere! In the next year, we hope to bring out the ULTRA version with 64 km as well!

For the implementation of GO4Trail, thanks also go to all the sponsors who believe in the GO4Trail team and project. Long-term support allows GO4Trail to become a traditional run that attracts the attention of runners beyond the borders of Slovenia. This year, a record participation, we even count runners from 9 countries, even outside the EU - a participant from Costa Rica!

And last but not least, a big thank you to everyone who helped us make the event so successful! Without you volunteers, employees of the Public Institute for Sport and Society, the runners would not feel so special!

See you next year on 11/11/2023!




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