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GO3V 28km 1700+

A unique trail experience that doesn't change over the years. A simply unforgettable experience for experienced trail enthusiasts who want a challenging trail. The trail hugs all three peaks of the Goriška Mountains (Škabrijel, Sveta Gora and Sabotin) in a very special way. We offer you beautiful trails with views, crossing the Soča River by raft, running over the longest footbridge in Slovenia and with a head torch the trail takes you through a 280 m long cavern from the First World War. All this is reason enough to hope that as an experienced trail runner, you will be on this amazing autumn adventure around Nova Gorica with ragdolls and experiences that will stay with you forever!

You will be informed of any changes in due course on our news page and FB. The race counts two qualification points for ITRA!

Public Institute for Sport Nova Gorica
 4 Bazoviška Street, 5000 Nova Gorica

Start on Saturday 9 November 2024 at 9:30 a.m.    

Finish of timing 17:00   

Closing time on 14:30 ( before the raft entrance at the station)

Start / finish in Kayak Centre Solkan - Nova Gorica



GO3V 28km 1700+

Go4trail - Go3V unique route takes you over three peaks above Nova Gorica

Start at the kajak centre in Solkan. The route takes place along the Soča river under the bridges, followed by a climb along the asphalt to Solkan.We rush towards the top of Škabrijel, at the first water refreshment point we turn right down the trail. Signs lead us along the track to the crossroads at the first refeshment at Vratca, where we turn left along the ditches, which take us to the top of Škabrijel. The track continues along the ridge of Škabrijel. The track continues along the ridge of Škabrijel. Then descend to the road Nova Gorica - Lokve (Prevala), cross the roundabout and continue uphill towards the top of Svete gora. After 300 metres of asphalt path, turn onto the MTB cycle path. After a short climb you arrive at the Belveder -friends of TSC MTB refreshment point with a beautiful view of the valley. We continue towards the cavern, where we enjoy a run with a head torch and carefully continue our experience through the 280 metre long cavern from World War I. We then follow the mountain path up the north side of Sveti Gora to the statue of St Francis and continue along the ridge to the Basilica of Sveti Gora. Descend the stairs to the car park across the road to the beautiful forest path to Preški vrh. Turn left along the macadam path and after a while turn left onto a beautiful forest track descending the slope of Sveti Gora to the water spring.Continue along the forest path to a small slope which suddenly drops off to the right (be careful, as the path is quite steep and slides a lot in the wet), reach the Primula restaurant, where in a while you pass the tennis courts under the bypass to the Solkanski railway bridge, where you drop off to the right under a stone archway of the Solkan railway bridge. Before the start area, we turn into a refreshment area before boarding a boat- raft to cross the Soca River. After a short climb, we arrive at the cycle path towards Kanal ob Soči and after 2.5 km of asphalt, we turn left onto a forest path towards the caverns of the mighty Sabotin. The marked trail leads up a steep incline past the caverns towards the top of Sabotin. To the mountain hut on Sabotin, where there is a refreshment stand. We continue along the ridge to the top of Sabotin. After looking out on all sides and happy that we have conquered all three peaks, we continue our descent along the ridge to Sv. Valentino. Cross the stone TITO sign and continue down the winding stone path. After crossing the roundabout, we are already on the Italian side, at the new footbridge over the Soča River (the longest suspension footbridge in Slovenia). Over the footbridge, it's just the finish line, which will remain in our memories forever.

* More demanding sections are rocky (Sabotin), slippery (Sveta Gora cavern, Sabotin), footbridge crossing

Number of refreshments:
4 + target refreshment





Registration fees

Registration and payment up to and including


from 1/1/2024
till 30/4/2024


from 1/5/2024
 till 31/7/2024


from 1/8/2024
till 31/10/2024



GO3V – 28 km 40,00 € 45,00 € 50,00 €  60,00 €

Registration fee refund: In the event of an emergency (declaration of a COVID-19 epidemic or similar) and consequent cancellation of the match by the organizer:
*we return the entire application fee (we deduct only € 5.00 of administrative costs)
*enable the transfer of the registration fee to the year 2025

Cancellations by competitors are only possible until 31/10/2024 under the above conditions (refunds and transfers to other races).  After this date, the entry fee will not be refunded and not be transferred to other races. It is only possible to transfer the registration fee to a third party up to and including 4/11/2024.

Group registrations are possible with a payment of €40 per competitor, the price is valid until 31 October 2024! The minimum number of the registered group is 5 runners at the desired distance. Download the table for entering runners!

Registration fee includes:

  • starter gift package with GO4Trail promotional T-shirt,
  • refreshment with a variety of food and drinks,
  • showers and changing rooms in the destination area,
  • a hot meal at the finish line,
  • a medal for all who cross the finish line,
  • medical first aid at certain points along the route and all the time at the finish line,
  • a downloadable mileage certificate,
  • timings, split times and results, live tracking in the target arena and online.


  1. GO3V absolutely women / GO3V absolutely men
  2. By categories:
Age Year of birth
18 to 35 years 2006 - 1989
36 to 50 years 1988 - 1974
51 to 60 years 1973 - 1964
61 to 70 years 1963 - 1954
71 years and older 1953 - 

Mandatory equipment

for a distance of 28km

  • The start number must be always in a visible place
  • Water tank (camel bag, bottle, soft bottle) allows autonomy between 2 refreshment stands
  • Astro foil
  • First aid
  • Wind jacket
  • Eco cup
  • Mobile phone (working but muted)

We recommend that you follow our FB page in the days before the start, where we will be, according to weather, publish recommendations on possible accessories, which may include gore-tex windbreaker, long pants, gloves, etc.

General conditions of the competition

1. All the participants are insured against accidents with SAVA.

2. Competitors must be on the official route all the way. It is a responsibility of each competitor to know the course of the route and to be familiar with the official markings (maps are available on the official website). Those participants who deviate from the official route or intentionally shorten it, will automatically be disqualified.

3. The route also runs along the roads in some parts of the course, therefore, you must comply with the applicable road traffic regulations and behave as prescribed by law for all the traffic users.

4. The access to the refreshments will be allowed only to the runners with a start number in a visible place. Food and drinks should be eaten and drunk at the refreshment site.

5. The use of ski poles is allowed for all the runners. (Rule 251 that replaces Rule 251 (Mountain Races) and Rule 252 (Trail Races) of the IAAF Competition Rules (NEW Rule approved by the IAAF Council in force from 1 January 2019)).

6. At certain points, there will be members of the Mountain Rescue Service and other medical services who will be in constant contact with the GO4TRAIL management. Along the route, in the most exposed places, there will be volunteers who will check the presence of the participants.

7. Participants must follow the basic principles of behaviour in nature and respect it, therefore, they must not leave waste under any circumstances. Waste can be disposed of in the places provided for that. A participant who does not follow this rule and it is caught by the control will automatically be disqualified. All energy bars, gels, drinks, chocolate must be marked with the start number of the competitor.

8. The competition is held in all weather conditions. The only exceptions are situations where the safety of participants may be endangered (extreme storm, natural disaster, etc.). In such case, the Supreme Judicial Commission decides on the dismissal.

9. The participant must be aware and must agree that this type of activity is organized and led by the organizer and is defined as »extreme sport«. As such, it is a a subject to dangers and risks that can include injuries as well as deaths of participants.

10. A voluntary registration for the race is understood as agreeing to the rules of the race and any changes that the organizer must make as necessary.

11. Due to the extreme complexity of the competition, under-18s cannot compete at 28km race.


Dario Trobec
tel.: +386 41 502 984

Registered runners



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